We can accept returns of our product in accordance with the restrictions below:

For product return, the original packing slip is required to be considered for reimbursement. Please note that we may not have the ability to track your return nor are we responsible for time it takes for the item to be returned.

Although we strive to minimize process times, refunds may take over one week to process once we receive all required information and/or product(s).

Policy restrictions

1. To be considered for a refund, the return must be requested within 14 days of delivery. Once the return is approved and you receive a return label (for domestic orders), the item must be shipped within 7 days of receipt of this return label. In all cases, refunds will be made ONLY to the credit card used for the original purchase.

2. Returned item must be received within 30 days of the delivery date of the item to be considered for a refund.

3. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

United States policy restrictions

Return labels will only be provided for Domestic orders if contacted within 14 days of delivery.
If a return label is provided, it is only applicable for the original packing (e.g., box or packet) that the ordered products arrived in. If the original packing has been discarded, please consult with a USPS associate at your post office to match the return packaging.
Return labels must be used within 7 days of the issue date.

International Policy Restrictions (For returns outside the USA)

Returns that originate from outside the continental United States will not have return slips.
Purchaser is responsible for procuring shipment and for the merchandise arriving at company’s address (shown on the original packing).
All items must be sent back within 21 days of delivery.
The return tracking information must be provided, and the packing slip included for the return to be processed.