Research conducted in scientific and medical institutions in the United States, Israel, Europe and Japan have shown that the most effective way to overcome calcium deficiency is calcium carbonate, derived from the shell of chicken eggs. For example, Israel, the world's largest producer of calcium-containing powders (85% of world production) uses for this purpose more than one billion eggs!

The shell of a chicken egg, 90% of which is calcium carbonate, is an affordable and ideal source of calcium. The rich mineral composition of the eggshell is represented by 27 chemical elements such as; copper, phosphorus, sulfur, zinc, silicon, molybdenum strontium, fluoride, magnesium, selenium… These elements are critically important for the normal course of biochemical processes in human body.

About half of the calcium in the blood is bound to plasma proteins, mainly with albumin. It plays a role in the transfer of extracellular signals, in the coagulation of blood, in the work of nervous and muscle tissue, in the functioning of enzymes and hormones. The skeleton is a dynamic system, a depot of calcium, where new calcium crystals are formed, and the old ones are destroyed.

Please google - eggshell calcium carbonate, and you will know a lot more. For example, some studies show that regular intake of eggshell membrane may benefit one’s joints because of collagen contained…